Let’s go meet the Akita dogs

Welcome to Akita, the hometown of Akita dogs!
There are many places in Akita Prefecture where you can see Akita dogs.Would you like to travel around Akita Prefecture and get to see the smart and obedient Akita dogs as shown in the Hollywood movie "Hachi: A Dog’s Tale"?
Akita dogs earned the distinction of becoming the first designated Natural Monument of Japan among Japanese breed in 1931. Please come to visit this “treasure” of Japan.

Take a walk with Akita Dog&
Akita Prefecture Travel Guide Book

  • Akita City

  • Semboku, Yokote City

  • Odate, Kitaakita, Noshiro City

  • Oga City

  • Yurihonjo, Nikaho City

Places to see Akita dogs
〈Date to meet the Akita dogs〉

  • Akita Dog Museum

    Odate City

    Every day: 9:00~16:00
    Every day from mid April to mid November.
    ※In some cases, you probably cannot see the Akita dogs due to bad weather and physcial deconditioning of the Akita dogs.

    13-1 Sannomaru Odate City Akita 017-8691,Japan

    ●Facility introduction> ●Official Website>

    The first floor is the headquarters of Akita Dog Museum which produces pedigree certificates and publishes newsletters. The third floor is a museum. It is the only dog museum in Japan.

  • Ani Ski Resort

    Kitaakita City

    (Attendance and levaing time of manager)
    ※off days are not fixed

    79-5 Anikaginotaki. Kitaakita City Akita 018-4624,JAPAN

    ●Facility introduction> ●Official Website>

    "Hokuto"welcomes all the guests at Ani Ski Resort Gondola Sanroku S tation. He is a boy with red coat who has won an award in the Akita Inu Hozonkai Kita Akita Branch Exhibition in 2018 It has a brave appearance even among Akita dogs There is also a dog run by the side of the station.

  • Akita Dog Satellite Station

    Akita City

    Every Sunday at Akita Station West Exit
    ※There is a recess during summer.

    1-2 Nakadori, 7-Chome, Akita City, 010-0001,JAPAN

    ●Facility introduction> ●Official Website>

    We hope visitors who came into Akita through Akita station can have chance to see and meet Akita dogs, so we set up Akita Dog Station in Area Nakaichi as a starting point.

  • Akita Dog Station

    Akita City

    Every Saturday and Sunday
    ※irregular holidays
    ※Tuesday,Thursday and Public Holiday
    only sells goods and souvenirs.

    1Floor, Area Nakaichi,4 Nakadori, 1 Chome, Akita City, 010-0001,JAPAN

    ●Facility introduction> ●Official Website>

    This station is operated by an association called ONE FOR AKITA.
    This association aims to save and create a better future for Akita dogs. There will be white, brown brindle, and red Akita dogs waiting for you in the rotary.
    Station also sells goods and souvenirs which a part of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to Akita dog protection activities.

  • Akita Dog Fureai-dokoro in Senshu Park

    Akita City

    May-November(Expected open date)
    (Break time: 12:00~12:30/13:30~14:00)
    ※The event might be cancelled due to bad weather.

    Senshu Park ni-no-maru,
    Senshu Park 1, Akita City 010-0876, Akita, Japan

    ●Facility introduction> ●Official Website>

    You can see the Akita dogs at Ninomaru Square,Sensyu Park.There is normally one Akita dog who is waiting for you. If you visit it on a date of event Two Akita dogs will show their hospitality.

  • Michi no Eki
    (Roadside Station)Oga
    Namahage no Sato Ogaare

    Oga City

    Open hours:9:00~17:00
    Open hours on December 31: 9:00~14:00
    Closed on January 1-3
    (In February and March, third Wednesday and third Thursday.)

    1-19 Funagawa Shinhamacho,
    Funagawa Minato, Oga 010-0511, Akita,Japan

    ●Facility introduction> ●Official Website>

    Akita Dog Fureai-dokoro is temporarily closed.(as of July,2021)

  • Odate Toursim and Communication Facility
    Akita Dog Visitor Center

    Odate City

    9:30~16:45 ※It has a dog break.
    Closed on every Monday, December 31 and January 1. (If Monday is a public holiday, facility will be closed on the following weekday instead.)

    1-13-1, Onaricho, Odate-shi, 017-0044, Akita,Japan

    ●Facility introduction> ●Official Website>

    Opened in May 2019. There is a super cute “Akita dog tree” built up with more than 160 “Masaru” stuffed toys. “Masaru” is the name of Russian gold medalist figure skater Alina Zagitova’s Akita dog.In this facility, Akita Inu Fureie team’s Akita dogs and Akitainu Conservation Association’s Akita dogs will take turn to welcome visitor.

  • Royal Hotel Odate

    Odate City

    (Inquiry required)

    1-2-26 Nakamichi,

    ●Facility introduction> ●Official Website>

    This hotel has a large public bath which you can see the whole city while enjoying the bath. In 2018, Akita dog "Nakamura Eito" and "Nakamura Hina" joined the hotel.

  • Tazawako Kyoei Palace

    Semboku City

    ※irregular holidays(Inquiry required.)

    148 Haruyama,Tazawako-tazawa,

    ●Facility introduction> ●Official Website>

    This facility provides local dishes of Akita and sell local souvenirs. Every visitor can see “Akita dog” for free. However, if you want to interact with the dogs, 100 Japanese yen is required for supporting and cooperation.

  • Kakunodate Satoku Garden

    Semboku City

    (※In some cases, you probably cannot see the Akita dogs due to physcial deconditioning of the Akita dogs.)

    26 higashikatsurakuchou, Sembokushi Kakunodatemachi,Semboku City,014-0325,Akita,Japan

    ●Facility introduction> ●Official Website>

    Traditional Akita crafts (Kabazaiku) souvenirs shop. It has an Akita dog named “Bukemaru” which is the mascot of the shop.


※Content maybe changed at any time without prior notice. Please contact the facility directly for the latest information .